Helping businesses in Sierra Leone

Here are some pictures of AKT Solar panels generating power for houses and small businesses in Sierra Leone.

From top to bottom, left to right: 2 x AKT-100-ML panels roof-mounted; Charging batteries for other people to use; Mobile phones being charged from solar; Fridge powered by solar; Charge controllers charging multiple batteries; Lights powered by AKT Solar panels.

These kinds of applications can transform people’s opportunities in places where grid electricity is not available.

AKT Solar in Sierra Leone

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  1. MAUD says:


    I just came across your website and I find it very helpful. You are doing a great job by helping Africans….Please are you willing to extend it to Ghana please?…There are alot of Ghanaians who need Solar Energy for our farms, Businesses and homes. Please help us. Thank you. We are willing to pay.

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