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Hi there,
I went to an event about refugees yesterday with a panel and discussion with the audience. Coming out of the discussion it seems the biggest problem refugees face here is that people don’t understand their ability to contribute to the country and, whilst we generally feel we should help, we’re often not so willing to help directly.
I was wondering what I could do to help and then realised I’d be being a bit hypocritical if I’m thinking about changing other people’s attitudes but not really doing anything myself.
We have a spare room and so I’m looking at how I can offer this to a refugee.
Does anyone have any experience of housing refugees or know where I can find out more about it?
Do let me know if you have any suggestions.

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  1. Simon says:

    I’ve been looking into it and registered our spare room on

    They said they’ll get in touch as soon as they find someone they think might be suitable and I’ll send an update here when I have more news.

    Do let me know if you have and suggestions or advice.



  2. Simon says:

    Hi there,

    Still no response from paih (Positive Action in Housing) so I sent off another application form. This time to: Housing Justice (

    It was quite involved and needed two references. I sent it off on Tuesday and haven’t heard anything yet but hopefully one of them will come through soon.

    Do let me know if you have any advice and I’ll keep you updated.



  3. Simon says:

    Good news, Brian and Tommy from Housing Justice got in touch and want to visit our place to see the spare room and talk to us about what we can offer.

    They’ve already followed up on the two references I gave them and apparently it was very easy for the referees to respond.

    Jacqueline (my wife) is now starting to think what it would really be like and is asking me lots of questions. So, Brian and Tommy, I hope you’re ready for a grilling :)



  4. Simon says:

    Brian came round on Monday and we had a chat about what it would be like hosting someone. I had a “DBS check” which all turned out okay and Brian’s following up on my references.

    Brian also gave us the phone number of another family with two small children that are hosting so my wife can talk to them about how they organise everything.

    Basically, it’s all moving very quickly and well. As soon as all my references come in Brian and Tommy will look to find a suitable person. So hopefully I’ll be in touch with some proper news soon.

    Do let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

    All the best,


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